Here below are the IATA Table 2.3.A and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for C02 and Argon.


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IATA Table 2.3.A.

With the IATA table 2.3.A. , the Alpride device, thanks to its standard cartridges,  can be consider as an "Avalanche rescue backpack" and / or a "self inflating safety device", like life-vest,  motorbike airbag or equestrian airbag. In both cases you can travel with your Alpride Airbag and cartridges (you need the approval of the operator), considering the Alpride airbag as a safety device.


Airport Check-In -  Material Safety Data Sheet for Cartridges (MSDS)

Just in case if you have some questions at the airport check-in, you can find,  in attachment below,  the MSDS and annexes for both cartridges


For user manual, refer to the backpack user manual, check examples of links below


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