Alpride 2.0 technical optimization

The system 2.0 incorporates a new compact and powerful percussion spring, made to measure thanks to the skills and materials used in aeronautics. The internal components make extensive use of series 7 aluminum, also used in aeronautics. The 2.0 system is obviously certified according to the new EN16716: 2017 standard.


Alpride 2.0 Lightweight and Ultra compact

Using the same proven and robust technology of version 1.0, the 2.0 system stands out for being extremely light weight and maximally compact. The 2.0 system occupies only 1.7 liters of useful volume inside the backpack, a record.

This airbag is completely hidden and leaves you all the room you need for your equipment, no other airbag can do better than the 2.0.



New Fabric

We have developed a new Nylon 210D Oxford HD fabric, extremely durable, super light, and very compact when folded in the backpack. This fabric is a technical feat in itself.

New Trigger

The new 2.0  handle is an example of ergonomics: adjustable in height to fit your size, a soft support handle in the shoulder-strap to avoid getting poked in the shoulder, and especially easy to grasp with either hand in all types of emergencies


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