Weight 800 g without gas cylinders

Weight 1.24 Kg with gas cylinders

System without cartridges =  800 g.

Cartridges Co2 240 g + Ar 200 g. = 440 g.


Alpride 1.0 Reliability & Strength

The device is made of just a few key custom parts. This simple assembly of a limited number of parts reduces the risk of problems.

No Battery, no pyrotechnics, no fan: by simply pulling the handle, a lever releases a spring that punctures the cartridges and releases the gas. The 1.0 airbag system is certified according to the new norm EN16716:2017




The airbag’s shape protects the user’s back AND head, while the rounded form offers optimal flotation in the event of an avalanche.

After inflation, the user can continue to ski with a complete field of vision.

Trials without cartridges

Trials without cartridges are recommended to feel the strength of the handle system release.


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