Airbag System


Weight 1.24 Kg with gas cylinders

System without cartridges =  800 gr.

Cartridges Co2 240 gr + Ar 200 gr. = 440 gr.


With remarkable deployment power, the 150-litre airbag inflates in 3 seconds


The airbag’s shape protects the user’s back AND head, while the rounded form offers optimal flotation in the event of an avalanche.


After inflation, the user can continue to ski with a complete field of vision.


The airbag can be packed into the backpack in just a few steps.

Packing is quick and easy!


The airbag system can be removed from one bag and inserted into another in just a few minutes.


Mechanical Inflator

Swiss Engineering: Reliability & Strength

The device is made of just a few key custom parts. This simple assembly of a limited number of parts reduces the risk of problems.


No Battery, no pyrotechnics, no fan: by simply pulling the handle, a lever releases a spring that punctures the cartridges and releases the gas.


The red dot shows if the system is ready to use or not.


Trials without cartridges are recommended to feel the strength of the handle system release.




Same technology as Lifejacket gas cylinders

The gas cylinders are based on the same technology as lifejacket cartridges.

Requiring no maintenance, they are certified without leaks and have been used in the Navy for almost 50 years.


Once the airbag has been inflated, the empty gas cylinders must be replaced with full ones. The gas cylinders are disposable; no refill, no deposit.


The gas cylinders are the same for all brands using our system and are now more available than ever.


Flying with this type of cartridge is approved by IATA.



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